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See What Users Say About Our Total Recorder Editor

The following is a list of quotes by our customers that we feel shows our pride in how we do business.


See what users say about our products:

...get perfect recording.

"Every time I use Total Recorder Editor I am amazed by how easy it is to use, and what great results I get. I had a mike set up by the piano, and my daughter's boyfriend sat down and played a Bach prelude. I ran to turn on Total Recorder Editor, got a perfect recording in one take, added a little reverb from one of the presets, and within 15 minutes we had burned a CD!"
- Edmond Goss on batch converter.

"Converts fast and with good quality via the batch converter!"
- K King723 on


...from a professional standpoint I give it an A+!

"Recently I had a problem with some audio from a surveillance video that was recorded at high speed... No mechanical equipment was available for "slowing down" the audio so we could hear what was being said and it was critical for our investigation. It was reported that the suspect admitted the crime on this tape BUT the original surveillance equipment had been destroyed. I tried several packages that were available to me but nothing would just slow the audio down so I went searching the internet and found Total Recorder Editor... Hopefully, with the help of your software, we will get a conviction on this guy! From a professional standpoint I give it an A+!"
- Dean Robinson on


...great help in editing my music files.

"Great help in editing my music files. User friendly, performs a variety of functions."
- Lufer on and appropriate!

"Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product and price."
- Glenn Fromer on


...thanks again for your help!

"Thank you for your prompt e-mail with the information needed for the Total Recorder Editor. I'm very pleased to have this program again. Thanks again for your help!"
- Bjarne Mess on


...record the Russian Language for learning. 

"Just want to drop you some lines to tell you how well I like the Total Recorder Editor. I use the pitch part of the software to record my voice so I sound like several people and record the new voices. I've been learning the Russian Language for some time now and needed something like this to grasp this difficult language better since verbs and many other words have genders. So I'm really happy that I bought your software. Keep up the good work."
- Luhr Jensen on


...full functionality combined with an intuitive controller.

"I recommend it to everyone! Full functionality combined with an intuitive controller. Within a small period I've learned, what's necessary! I'm a DJ and don't want to miss this program anymore!"
- WereKight on

Total Recorder Editor